WhatsApp Will Permanently Ban Your Account If You Have These Apps in Your Phone

WhatsApp will ban your account permanently if you have installed some of these apps. This is due to many other apps using WhatsApp names & they are not on Play Store. But still, people are using those apps as those apps are not safe to use. User’s data can be leaked.

WhatsApp Will Permanently Ban Your Account
WhatsApp Will Permanently Ban Your Account

Most of the WhatsApp users need some extra features for smart work & these features are not available in WhatsApp original app. These features are provided by many other apps which are also WhatsApp Apps. But those apps are not verified by google play protect. They are risky & a lot of privacy issues.

WhatsApp decided to ban accounts that are using these apps within WhatsApp. It is because those apps are using WhatsApp names on their apps & users are moving on them.

List Of Apps that results Permanently Ban on Your WhatsApp Account

  1. GB WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp Plus
  3. YO WhatsApp
  4. FM WhatsApp
  5. WhatsApp Gold
  6. Fouad WhatsApp
  7. WhatsApp lite
  8. WhatsApp Prime
  9. NS WhatsApp
  10. WA Tweaker
  11. OG WhatsApp
  12. HM WhatsApp
  13. WAP WhatsApp
  14. Aero WhatsApp
  15. Soula WhatsApp
  16. WhatsApp Mix
  17. AO WhatsApp

“Delete all of the above list apps from your phone.”

How to Avoid Ban your WhatsApp Account

If you want to secure & save your WhatsApp account you need to follow some instructions. Delete all above list apps from your phone. If you have any of them then there are chances of getting the ban on your WhatsApp account.

Your account will be banned permanently in this situation & you will never get back after three months because the ban is permanent. So, don’t take any risk if you want your account safe.

In India, WhatsApp Banned about 30 Lacs WhatsApp account within some days. It is due to using the above list apps.


I hope you know the latest update about WhatsApp Will Permanently Ban Your Account in the above cases. So, if you want to save your account then follow the instructions mentioned above. If you have any question or problem-related to WhatsApp account ban then must tell us in the comment section.

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